What awkward situation will your BigShots be in?

Naughty or nice. These randomly generated NFTs have a lot of explaining to do!

Uniquely generated on the Ethereum blockchain, this collection pokes fun at things that are normally serious.

“its not what it looks like” will be the mantra of the day as you find famous celebrities, crypto pioneers, politicians, business leaders, and many more implicated in some truly uncomfortable situations.

There will also be a play-to-earn game in 2022 where characters battle it out. Not to mention there will be lots of airdrops, giveaways, and benefits to members.

Overall, it’s all about having fun!

Mint price: 0.038 ETH

Over 135 Original Accessories

10 Exciting Headpieces

Tinfoil hats, gang headwraps, halo-on-a-wire, cheap devil horns and more

15 Facial Variations

Including black eyes, a cheeky red lip pout, tribal tats and many more not so classy options.

25 Chest Accessories

Not limited to war badges, rainbow sashes, I heart mom tats and other delightful additions.


40 Thought Bubbles

Spicy options such as bottle of moonshine, a postive pregnancy test, injections and panties.

25 Unique Characters

Trump, Elon, Jeff, Harry, Richard, Kanye and Snoop.. theres something for everyone.

20 Sidekicks

From an angry chicken with an eye-patch to an in love sheep. We have created original wacky sidekicks for all our BigShots.

Why You Should Purchase a BigShot NFT

Rewards and Bonuses

100% Royalties to Holders

Every BigShot transaction has its royalty fee added to a lottery pot. This lottery pays out frequently and exclusively to BigShot NFT holders.

FREE "Arch Rival" Airdrop

Within 45 days of launch. BigShot NFT holders will each get a free nemesis NFT. Think Donald vs Hillary. The Queen vs Harry. Elon vs Bitcoin.

Massive Marketing Budget

We have allocated $100 000 for marketing leading up to launch. We have several influencer partners and have $50 000 set aside to bolster the lottery airdrop fund.

Weekly Competitions

We have limited weekly whitelist competitions, that reward active community members and give everyone a chance. It's never too late to try your luck.

Future Profit Share

BigShot NFT holders will earn % of profits on all collections going forward. Upcoming collections like Gangsters and Bad Boys will all benefit BigShot holders.

Fair Price and Supply

We want everyone to share in this exciting project. BigShot NFTs are fairly priced at 0.038 ETH each. There are 8000 in total. Each wallet will be limited to 5 BigShots.

Play-To-Earn Game Coming 2022

BigShots Knockout Arena

  • Each BigShots character will have a special attack.
  • Bonus Power-ups for Arch Rival opponents.
  • Relive your childhood with our arcade classic.
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